My name is Machyar Kumbang and I am A NEW MASTER. Anyone who has seen me has seen the Old Masters. The techniques and principles I use are not solely my own; rather, they are the techniques and principles of the Old Masters. Given by their Creator through them, and now they live on through me. I and the Old Masters are one, and I am in the Old Masters and they are in me. Even though they are greater and more accomplished artists than I am. I believe this is so based on the evidence of my creations. The tradition of the Old Masters represents the pursuit of humans’ intellectual ability through attainment and workmanship. ~ Peace and Love,


Machyar during his training at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts year 1998. The artist is creating a cast drawing of Benjamin Franklin.


A NEW MASTER (Book Release/January 2017)
by Machyar Kumbang

Price: $99.00  [US, shipping included]

This is the first release of my first book, which features gorgeous images on professional gloss paper in hardcover. The book presents my works of art: drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Upon graduating from high school, I knew what I would love to do for rest of my life. I decided to be an artist, which soon led me to receive scholarships to pursue higher education with more complex work of art.

The book doesn’t catalog all that I’ve created, but it gives readers a glimpse of what I have produced and what I am working now. My hope is that readers would find some assurance and to cherish that classical tradition of past masters is still vibrant and vital. The book would be a great addition to one’s personal library—especially for the art teacher and art collector. This release is not intended as a textbook; therefore, lengthy comments on my approach to art and medium and anecdotes are not covered on this edition.

My creations are a means for communication. Through art, I express my vision, and I let my audience and general public absorb and relate to it. I prefer the audience to tell me what they see and how they feel.

For me, success in fine art is in the quality of work. I feel gratified with producing master works while enjoying the process along the way. Above all, though, it is important to live well.

Written by machyar