Cerca Trova

CERCA TROVA (seek and you shall find)
Machyar Kumbang, 2012; oil on Belgium linen, 48 inches wide x 36 inches high.

Inspiration. It is about animals story. A story many times I was told before I was ten to see how quick, a wise way to find a solution to man’s dilemma. A man has to find a way to cross river safely with lion, goat, a roll of grass without all or any of them get drowned into the water. The problem is only two can go on the boat at one time and he can’t leave lion with goat. I didn’t quite figure it out what the man should do and the story stuck in the back on my mind for so long until my adulthood. But, I did find the solution and it is the artist’s solution after many years of searching to the answer. So I painted the piece: that the man is crossing the river assuredly with the lion and goat, and with stack of grass.

Written by machyar