Machyar Kumbang, 2017; oil on Belgium linen, 106 inches wide x 80 inches high.
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Close-up views for details

Confronting the Lions, details

Inspiration. The Ox is a unique animal. Funny, sensitive, strong, loves to play with water. They can sense if a person around them whether has loving temperament or bad mood. Ox is commonly not comfortable with total stranger at first, unless the owner is around. I grew up with Ox to work our field. I had good and fun time, but I was too small and I was teenager to work and take care of the Ox. It is hard work. Finding grass or green stuff to feed them can some times very frustrating. There were some days during dry season, not much rain, that I could not find much grass. Every where I went only to find dried land with not much vegetation. Surely, I was sad because they were hungry and they started losing weight for few days. This my early life experience inspires me to create this painting.

Written by machyar