A great frame is art in itself, and it is a sensitive marriage painting and frame. For a selected few: To be framed by an expert craftsman is an honor.

Machyar is not only a master of his work, whose vision deserves respect from collectors and museum curators, he has a strong sensibility for the frames that go around the artwork. Framing his work is the final stage of Machyar’s creations. If you love his work, you will love his frames. His timeless approach to art influences his framed creations, thereby creating highly regarded and classic frames that will receive a renaissance of attention.

A frame by Machyar has delicate appeal: a composition of layers, handmade, gilded—and he even incorporates the subtle design of your personal surroundings he so suited. Ultimately, the product has the artist’s touch!

Care and craftsmanship can make a frame worthy to surround the art you love; hence, should you love your piece, let the master artist frame it. Not only does Machyar serve private individuals and artists but commercial and public institutions as well.

Machyar hopes to earn your interest and confidence.

Gilded Frame, Sample.

Gilded Frame Gilded Frame