Machyar Kumbang, 2019; oil on canvas, 60 inches wide x 48 inches high.
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A close-up view for details

Machyar by Obama painting

Artist’s Comment

Many have asked about the inspiration behind one of my accomplished works of art, portrait of our President Barack Obama.

I usually leave everything to viewers for their interpretations and how the painting speaks to them or how they relate to the piece.

But, here are few points I like to highlight. What I was trying to capture is to reflect on American history and to tie the Obama’s presidency into different periods. Formulating the sketch and casting it in way of classical discipline. Compelling. Fashionable while classic: not only on tangible objects that encompasses the figure like table, the document of US Declaration of Independence, book Team of Rivals/Doris Kearns Goodwin, bust of president Lincoln, clothing etc., but also on philosophical matter, politically speaking. For example. The US Declaration document, arguably, is still the best political framework the world ever seen. (I’ve memorized the text). The document has great impact on Americans, thereby not to lose sight on principle regardless the vagaries and challenges of the moment. Through times and hardships, Americans have cultivated and exercised the political wisdom as crafted by Thomas Jefferson. The government of, and by, and for the people. In our time, America has made a history: it shows how far the country has come, from slavery where a time this presidency would not have been possible.

Another goal I was trying to accomplish was to make the masterpiece to be one of the finest portrait-paintings ever created in our generation. But, time would tell.

Should you have any thought and critique, please and I would to love to hear from you.

Machyar Kumbang

Written by machyar